VIANIA, a specialist in underwear and lingerie, both in fashion and with high-selling fashionable NOS / basic articles in large sizes. VIANIA has been successful worldwide since its establishment in 1991.


At this point, we would like to introduce you to some of the highlights of our Basic collection: The lingerie of the "Rita" series are more puristic in the look. They are available in taupe and cream The lingerie series "Luna" show a modern, seductive lace series with a graphic design. In addition to the basic color white, it is now also available in the colors ink and black. Our top series are the lingerie  designs "Cleo" and "Carola". They are upgraded by the newly available fashion color Frosty Peach and can be integrated into the fashion theme. Naturally, the successful basic colors continue throughoutly.



The special features of the dessous from the Basic series

The new Dessous series and models of the fall/ winter 2017/18 collection were also designed to preserve VIANIA's core competences. Namely, fashionable models in large cups design. These lingerie models are functional and equipped with high comfort in the usual way. They have an attractive, fashionable look.


The lingerie sizes:

The VIANIA Dessous Collection offers breasts ranging from 70 - 110 and cup sizes from A - G. The dividers are determined by size range 36/38 - 52/54.

There are two trend themes in the Viania Dessous GmbH fall/winter collections. They are organized that way that the POS can be draped in an interesting and elegant way.

The first trend theme includes the following series: 

“Xenia“ matches high wearability with female elegance even till big sizes. A double-pre-shaped bra wire bra with minimizer effect, a cup bra additionally with a slip made out of microfiber  and decorative  bicoloured lace are absolutely persuading. The theme “Xenia“ builds upon the colors cream and ink. 

“Rita“ is more puristic looking. Next to taupe and cream you can get it in ink color. Ink makes a connection to the series “Xenia“, so that both can be interchanged in a great way. 
Additionally to this ring of colors fits the very uncomplicated series “Sheila“. A soft bra with preshaped cups was added. It`s an all-day-favorite because of the very comfortable and soft Jaquardware Ajour-optic in combination with the flat, optical less intense lace framing. 
“Luna“ is a very modern, seductive lace series with graphic design. Next to the basic color white, we offer it in ink color and black. 



The lingerie series "Lara" is the beginning of the second trend. It is presented in a fashionable floral print in the kimonostile. The coloring of the print allows the series to combine both basic colors, as well as the fashion colors Marsala and Frosty-Peach. The "Lara" series includes a bra, a balconette push-up, a panty and a Brasiliano. The popular top series "Cleo" and "Carola" are upgraded by the new fashionable color Frosty Peach. They can also be integrated into the fashion theme. Naturally, the successful basic colors continue. The color Marsala is particularly evident in the silky shiny jacquard of the series "Lilly". The noble look is underlined by fine lace ends, for example on the straps. The lingerie series consists of a wire bra, a cup bra, a panty and a string. The embroidery series "Sally" and the expressive lace series "Vivienne" also fully express their merits in the new trend color Marsala.                                            



The particularities: 

Also in the new series and models of the fall/winter 2017/18 collection, care was taken that the core competence of the VIANIA, namely fashionable models in large cups, are equipped in the usual way functionally and with high comfort, without forgetting about an appealing, fashionable look. 
Sports: The color palette of the sports bra "Goldie" was expanded to the color white and black by the new color Tulip. The sports bra with gemed spacercups is contrasted with contrasting accents in sporty gray. 
The sizes: The VIANIA Dessous Collection offers breasts ranging from 70 - 110 and cup sizes from A - G.    The dividers are determined by size range 36/38 - 52/54. 
Special Features & new basics in the range: Contemporary minimizer series: 
The perfect "underneath" for bigger curves is the "RITA" series. Its simple and elegant look offers an excellent and comfortable fit without compromises up to size 110F. The Rita series includes a double pre-formed bra, a double pre-shaped soft bra and a matching, gentle-shaping soft bodice in the colors taupe and cream. 
Spacer Soft Bra: The bestseller spacer bra "BEA" is made by a soft bra with spacercups up to size. 100E and is available in many basic and fashion colors. 
Mulitway bandeaux bra: The series "CLEO" was supplemented by a strapless bandeaux bra in time for spring. Available in the size 70-85 A, B, C / 70-80D    Soft bra in fashion color: For all friends of the elegant embroidery series "SALLY" there is good news, because the series was supplemented by a soft bra with relief straps. In addition to the basic colors white and black, the complete series has now also been dyed in the fashion color Tulip.    The colors: The VIANIA Dessous collection spring / summer 2017 is presented in the trend colors Tulip (a rich berry color), Tea Rosé (a skin-enhancing pink), Mint (a fresh, transparent green) and Taupe (an elegant beige).


Collection Autumn Winter 2018/19

The VIANIA Dessous collection Autumn / Winter 2018-19 presents itself in a warm and very harmonious color scheme. The new trend colors are Barolo and Toffee.


The trend color Barolo, in combination with the basic color Ink, is combined to a classic graphic print, which decorates the series "LUISA". Decorated in Barolo with a narrow lace on the edges, a simple but classically beautiful series has emerged, which can score with proven fit in the usual quality. The material is super soft and caresses the body in its natural form. Soft cups support the lightness of the series.
The series can be perfectly combined with all VIANIA Basics: in the color Barolo, the series "CAROLA", "VIVIENNE", "NAOMI" and "SOPHIA" complete the series perfectly, in Ink: "LUNA", "ANNA" "SALLY" and "BEA" can be combined.


Dessous Anna


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